My name is Tracey - mummy to Douglas, Simon and Evie with another on the way. I am absolutely passionate about our amazing planet and find ways every day to make just that little less impact on the environment. My nappies are beautiful but also functional. I am licenced to create from the Darling Diapers Unlimited pattern - DDU nappies have a great fit, and teamed with my trifold bamboo booster Flattery nappies are a high quality, functional cloth nappy tested to last 5 hours (or more) without leaks.I am an extremely approachable person so feel free to make use of that link "contact us" and drop me a line - I'm more than happy to answer any of your questions.

Peechee Cloth: Hi I’m Kristie a proud mum to Alex 4 years and Mia 1 years ,I first discovered  MCN when Alex was 6 months old but because he was so chubby and long  I had trouble  finding a MCN that would fit so I decided to make him his own stash of  nappies from my first front snapping pattern .When Mia was born I decided to make a side snapping pattern to fit her body shape, I enjoyed making them so much I decided to become a WAHM making beautiful nappies for other’s to enjoy and  also do my little piece to help the environment. My other joys are searching for gorgeous fabrics and embroideries.
Nic Naps: Coming Soon!
Three Little Treasures:
Three Little Treasures dolls are Waldorf or Steiner inspired. Traditional Waldorf Dolls draw on European techniques that see simple facial features to encourage the imagination of the child. Made of cotton and wool, Waldorf Dolls are a natural companion for children.
I'm Peggy, and I fell in love with Waldorf dolls when I was pregnant expecting a girl, searching for the perfect doll for my daughter.  I wanted something that was not commercialised or plastic, which was quite difficult to find!  I bought my daughter a Waldorf doll when she was born, and soon moved on to making them.  I love making the dolls.  I love seeing their personalities come to life.  I love seeing the joy the dolls bring to little ones.  Three Little Treasures is truly a labour of love.

Jilly Jumbles: I'm Julia, an experienced designer, and dedicated mum. I am, above all else, a full time mum to my two sons; but also a working-from-home Interior Designer by honours degree; a housewife and homemaker by heart, and a revived sewer! I am utterly inspired by the revival of the love of ‘handmade’, and the extraordinary worldwide community of artisans selling their gifts online! Jilly Jumbles evolved shortly after my mum handed me a special item from my childhood; my very first craft apron, handmade with love, by her, nearly 30 years ago. It inspired me to start sewing for my boys, and I haven’t stopped! Creating for them is a joy - and as the fist recipients of any new designs, they have proved to be the ultimate 'testing department'! I strive to create unique and high quality products for children, that are fun and practical, promote creativity, stimulate the imagination, and encourage learning through play! (And save parents and carers’ sanity while we're at it!) I thrive on designing and creating, and feel blessed and grateful to be in a position to work from home, and look after my family. Thank you!
TubbyBumz: Hi, I am Heidi. I am a mother to five adorable kids, my youngest is 2 and my eldest is 11. I first fell in love with MCN when my youngest daughter was a baby, I was so scared to try them and glad I did! I then started making them and that is when the real obsession started. I love creating beautiful, soft nappies. I pride myself on using top quality materials so that I can offer a product that i am 100% happy with. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Bizzy Bumz: Coming Soon!
Cheeky Bots: Coming Soon!
FeFiFo Bum: Coming Soon!
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